Putting Legal Risk on the Business RRADAR

Yorkshire is famous for many things: the three peaks, Pudsey Bear, a legendary pudding and a certain brand of tea to name but a few. However, here at the Yorkshire Mafia (YM) there’s only one thing that we agree truly defines Yorkshire – its people. Not the famous people, such as the world-class scientists and sculptors, but the straight-talking folk who never fail to tell-it-like-it-is.


As you can imagine, with a membership of more than 22,000 we have a lot to be excited about and enjoy nothing more than to get those very people together to impart advice, host seminars and showcase all that their business has to offer.


So, the good news is that the preparations for our next major get-together, Leeds Business Week (LBW), are well and truly underway and we hope that you’ll be joining us. Taking place from the 9th – 13th October we’ve masterminded a full programme of networking events, seminars and workshops which celebrate all that’s wonderful about doing business in Leeds.


What’s more, as sponsors of Wednesday’s Festival of Business – which is a day dedicated to covering all there is to know about running a business – rradar will be on hand to host not one but two seminars that will explain to us all how we can ‘break the law’, legally and the legal controls that need to be considered under the new proposed GDPR rules.


“Why wait for there to be a problem when you can prevent it from happening in the first place?”

….let’s be honest, they certainly have a point!


Ever the realists, rradar understand that many firms simply cannot afford to retain traditional law firms and as a result only ask for legal advice when something has already gone wrong and they have no option to avoid it.


However, as a practice that is proud to be far from conventional, rradar have taken significant strides to challenge those norms and offer a proactive, affordable approach to legal services, which will help businesses to understand, prepare for and avoid those common legal pitfalls.


CEO of rradar, Gary Gallen, comments: “At the heart of everything we do is the belief that the law should be easily accessible, clearly understandable and affordable for all, which is why we are pursuing ways to innovate and share our legal knowledge and expertise with businesses in a simpler, more economical way.”


Bringing legal expertise to Leeds Business Week

As more businesses adopt workplace technologies, which means accessing and processing employee data, rradar’s Legal Services Innovation Manager, Denise Dowen, will deliver the first session from the firm to explain how SME’s can use some practical tips that will support the legitimate monitoring of employees and the processing of personal data under GDPR.


Making sense of the process and giving insights into the rules, delegates will better understand what is expected of them and how to strike the right balance between worker privacy and commercial interests.


The second seminar to be delivered by rradar will focus on how the digital revolution is helping to transform how SME’s access legal services. Chief Legal Officer, Andrew Cameron, and IT Director, Mark Smith, will explain how businesses can embrace technology that can help SME’s to manage legal risks in real time whilst also reducing costs.





In what they believe to be a world-first for a practising law-firm, in partnership with their team of solicitors, legal advisors and tech specialists, the firm have launched a voice-activated legal information app called rradargrace which has proven to be a major step forward in the accessibility of legal support.


Gary Gallen, CEO of rradar, comments: “With SME’s being one of our main markets, accessibility and affordability is always at the forefront of our plans. The most exciting thing about rradargrace is that the current platform is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve got so much more planned.”


Be a Part of Yorkshire’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Asked what the business hopes to achieve as a result of becoming a sponsor of the event, Gary comments: “We hope to learn, share and create meaningful relationships that will benefit us all. We’re also looking forward to introducing ourselves, via our sponsorship, to businesses who might not have come across us before and to showing them how we can make the task of legal and regulatory compliance easier, faster and far less painful!”


As supporters of the YM and the wider Yorkshire business community in general, Gary and his colleagues have enjoyed many of our events in the past and noticed the keen entrepreneurial spirit that is prevalent within the region. He comments: “Working with other businesses in the local area means that we can keep our finger on the pulse of developments and the local economy, which not only highlights valuable business opportunities but gives us the chance to forge new business relationships too.”


Here at the YM, one of the things that we often hear is that people initially join the Group and attend the events because they feel a sense of duty to do so, safe in the knowledge that the increased network would help to grow their business. However, down the line, we see people that want to attend; not only to tick a business box, but because they enjoy the personal and social aspects of the networking and the support that comes with being a part of 22,000 strong, professional community.


For more information about rradar and its unusual and honest approach to legal practices please visit www.rradar.com