Unleash The Power of Voice for your Business

Come along and see a ‘live’ demonstration of the speech recognition solution – let VoicePower show you how you can save time and money, improve your client service and have an overall less stressful working life, all through using your voice!

We all want to enjoy our time at work, but unfortunately for the majority of us we have too much going on to do so. Whether it be the endless to-do list or an inbox inundated with emails, we feel under pressure most of the time. The contribution of all of these factors often leave us wondering, how will I manage?

VoicePower can show you a solution that will help you work more quickly and efficiently, stop duplication and free up your secretarial work load. This solution will, therefore, allow yourself and your secretary more time to reduce that to-do list and work on more billable work for your business. Imagine the impact… less stressed, more professional and free time to focus on the growth and success of your business – Not to mention being able to leave work feeling on top of your work load and able to switch off!

Come along and let us show you the power of your voice, with a little help from our Dragons and VoicePower!




13:00 - 13:45

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec St, Leeds LS1 2HA