How much time and business are you losing?

Communicate efficiently

In an era where everything depends on being online and being able to communicate efficiently at all times, slow broadband services and inflexible telephony could be costing you much more than you think.

How many hours to you spend a day waiting for the spinning wheel of doom to come to a stand-still?

How much time do you spend waiting for documents or videos to download, for emails to come through, or your remote backup to run?

How many calls do you miss because you are out of the office or travelling?

How many times have you been stuck in traffic or on a train and been unable to make a call or meeting?

How much time do your staff and your business lose for these same reasons?

How do all these delays and inefficiencies impact your customer service and productivity?

What’s your work and personal time worth?

Imagine if you will…

…you’re a designer and a big rush job comes in at the eleventh hour. You need to download a whole load of hi-res images quickly, but your broadband suddenly decides to go on a go-slow. What should take minutes, takes hours.

…you’re a legal firm, managing a delicate contact exchange. For some reason, your emails are taking ages to get through. The client is in a hurry and keeps calling to chase confirmation.

…you’re an accountant working to submit returns online, but for some reason, the connection hits a wall in the middle of filing documents. You’re in danger of missing the deadline.

…you’re an estate agent and you use a cloud-based CRM system, but sometimes it just slows down for no apparent reason – and some nights it takes ages to run backups.

…you’re a start-up courier business and you are out on a job and hit a major jam. When you get back, you’ve missed a call from a big local firm you’ve been trying to get into. But by the time you get to them, they’ve hired a competitor.

…you’re a consultant engineer and have to stay at home one morning to let an emergency plumber in. He’s late and you can’t get to the office in time to take part in an important conference call with a team of colleagues.

…you’re a distribution business and your main supplier has a big product launch today, but transport delays that morning cause chaos. while your competitors make hay, your staff have to fight their way in and arrive in late and frazzled.

…you’re a maintenance firm that relies on a couple of big local contracts. One day your admin’ has to stay at home to look after her sick child; everyone else is out on jobs when one of the key customers has an outage – but they can’t get an answer from the office.

The solution to all these potential problems is simple – faster, more reliable broadband and better, more flexible telephony that allows people to work anytime anywhere – and will allow customers, suppliers, and colleagues to always be able to call you on the same number.

With faster broadband, you’ll be able to…

…download big files and videos faster – no more twiddling your thumbs while you watch the wheel spin.

…put an end to email delays and time spent waiting for data to download.

…get better response times from online services, so you don’t get plagued by delays.

…get improved performance from cloud apps and services and run backups much faster.

With IP telephony, you can …

…allow your staff to work at home when needs be – and save the time and stress of commuting.

…have a single number that customers can dial and get you wherever you are – so you will never miss a call.

… allow staff to work at home and use the same telephony services and features – and on the same contract as well, so at no extra cost.

make use of conferencing and collaboration tools just as you would in the office.

There are many other potential benefits too. But perhaps the biggest impact of slow broadband and inflexible telephony is that you lose a lot of time, which you could spend getting other work done – or simply enjoying yourself.

In our presentation, we’ll explain the different options available to you – and how they will help you work faster, save a lot of time and potentially, reduce your costs as well.




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