Speak Out! Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

  • Have you ever stopped to wonder why often you make a clear distinction between the personality you show at work and home?
  • How many times have you sat in a meeting at work where you feel yourself disagreeing with something, but say nothing?
  • Why do you consciously choose not to Speak Out! at work?The answer to these questions, more often than not, is fear – or extreme nerves – of displaying your authentic self: fear of saying the wrong thing, something stupid or just not being listened to or taken seriously.

    Discover how to Speak Out! in the workplace and become more effective at:

  • Presenting yourself
  • Communicating your message
  • Pitching for business
  • Public speaking
  • Expressing your opinionYou are invited to participate in a thought provoking, interactive and motivational talk by Duncan Lewis of Eaglei.




13:00 - 13:45

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec St, Leeds LS1 2HA