How to Make an Emotional Connection in Communication

Displaying the Human Element

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you make a clear distinction between the personality you show at work and at home?

After all, it is you – the same person. Of course, you use and display different skills and attributes at work and home, but it is still you! Why is it that you only allow yourself to display for example, 50% of what you would really like at work? And what happens to the other half?

For example, how many times have you sat in a meeting at work where you feel yourself disagreeing with something that is said, but you choose not to say anything?

For whatever reason you bite your tongue, the meeting finishes and the chance has gone. Why did you consciously choose not to speak out? Why did you limit yourself in this way? Would you have said nothing if a similar scenario arose at home?

To find out how to give yourself permission and have the confidence to display more of your complete personality – your Human Element – to ensure that you make an emotional connection, you are invited to participate in a thought provoking and motivational talk by Duncan Lewis of Eaglei.




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