How To Be a Top Class Leader – Leadership Training and Development

More and more professional services people are fed up with misinformation, clickbait and tomes of waffle on social media using leadership lessons as bait, often offering guru like advice that will enable transformational results but simply provides reems of hard to figure out text or old school or dated strategies that have little place in today’s fast moving web savvy internet age businesses.

Your speaker is Phil Lee, a former member of the Household Division having served in the Coldstream Guards, he holds an Honors Degree in Service Sector Management and Leadership, a Master NLP Coach and NLP Trainer, one of only 500 LAB (Language and behaviour coaches worldwide) he is also a highly skilled CLEAN Language practitioner.

Outside of his week job he owns an outdoor events business that keeps him busy most weekends and is more often found guiding people around the UK’s toughest endurance routes.

Phil has worked for some of this regions largest and most respected organisations (and still does) that include Campanile Hotels, JCT600, first direct bank, The Yorkshire Mafia and many leading charities.

The lessons that Phil aims to share come from many of the leaders that he has coached, great leaders that run multi million pound empires,  and also from the years of being a Manager and Leader in two £100m organisations.  His lessons also come from those that he has acquired from his time in the outdoors often in perilous and life endangering situations, tested many times in the area Phil likes to call The 10% zone, the area when our primary responses may not always be those we may otherwise choose, which results in our reputation getting shredded or enhanced .

He will give you his 5 key points that all leaders should do naturally along with the gift of 21 thoughtful actions that will genuinely raise your leadership game for life and for business.




13:00 - 13:45

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec St, Leeds LS1 2HA