HR and Technology: Simple Strategies to bring your People and Systems One Step Closer

Explore the realities of HR systems, payroll, e-recruitment and people data reporting in a way that is meaningful for you right now. Digital people strategy is a great aspiration but few have quite got there yet!

Phase 3 are market-leading experts, independent of product suppliers, in the selection, implementation and day-to-day running of people technologies. Kate Wadia, Managing Director, believes that often the greatest difficulty is identifying first step forwards and being real and practical about where we are all at.

In this interactive session, you can:

  • Find out the realities of what’s going on in other organisations like yours
  • Learn more about your options for HR systems, payroll, e-recruiting and HR reporting
  • Ask questions about how you can choose and use both products and suppliers
  • Understand the typical ‘journey’ towards growth and maturity with HR technology


Bring your own context to share and ask Kate to give you a simple next step to take forward now. Explore how to support your growth with changing HR systems, what to do about troubling systems and processes, how to improve on the state of your data and about the sources of help you can get. Solve a problem or two and get off the starting blocks.




09:00 - 09:45

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec St, Leeds LS1 2HA