Don’t mess up your Digital Transformation – understand your user and their experience

Best practice simply isn’t good enough these days. To be leaders in your field you need to truly empathise with your users. Understand their problems, motivations, pain-points, real-world environments, critical tasks and biggest pressures.

You need to understand what they need (not just what they ask for) and craft an experience that will exceed their expectations.

We’ll discuss practical techniques for gathering this insight and help you build a transformation strategy that will have positive effects across your whole business.

Along the way, we’ll go through some personal examples of how real-world understanding of users has revolutionised projects. We’ll also reveal examples where just guessing has gone really, really badly.

Andy Curry has over 17 years experience leading design projects for international brands, political parties and national institutions. He’s also helped some amazing and diverse startups too. (Ethically sourced bras? Pet microchips? Boutique bird food? Got you covered.)

He is the UX Director of LION+MASON, a dedicated User Experience consultancy. LION+MASON delivers outstanding results for the likes of Johnson and Johnson, Whistl, Sheffield Hallam University, Harley Davidson and many more.


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