Become a Great Networker in Just One Hour!

Are you anxious about face-to-face networking? Not sure what to do? Are you and your company missing out?

You are not alone – most people have fears and uncertainties about networking. But don’t worry – listening to these tips and techniques on how to engage in successful networking will turn you into a confident, effective and motivated networker. Why is this important? Because networking is a wonderful way to acquire valuable long-term business and the happier and better equipped you feel when doing it, the more successful you will be.

This engaging, humorous and highly practical session will consist of the 60 minute talk followed by a short Q&A session. It will be both fast-paced and informative, and will cover:

• The importance of effective networking as a proven means of generating valuable long-term business
• All the main elements, advantages, problems and fears of networking in just one hour, in particular:
– How do you approach and prepare for your networking?
– How do you gain confidence and lose trepidation?
– Who should you speak to?
– What do you say?
– Why do all effective networkers act counterintuitively?
– How do you escape from a fruitless conversation?
– Importantly, how do you follow up?

Each attendee will take away a one-page mind map to act as a blueprint for all future networking events.

Learn more about this much acclaimed 60 minute talk here.

This Expected Results document lets you know the 9 ways that you, and the 13 ways that your business, can expect to gain from the talk.

To see a little of Colin in action, and how he can help you, watch this short video!: https://www.facebook.com/HowsBusinessStories/videos/1612363595682174/?
(note: this video was prepared in advance of a 2015 event so you can ignore the brief bit at the end about the event itself).

Listen to this engaging and memorable talk so you can use these tips and techniques throughout the Customer Conference, and thereafter!




09:15 - 10:40

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec St, Leeds LS1 2HA