The 7 Stages to Achieve Marketing Success

There are so many elements to digital marketing, but how do you go about getting the best return on your investment?

Join Jag Panesar, director of Xpand, to learn about the 7 stages to achieve digital marketing success through their in house model – SOLAR 7. Xpand are a Yorkshire based marketing agency with 11 years experience in helping businesses build their brand and gain measurable results. Xpand have worked with brands such as Lindt master chocolatiers, HM Prison Service and Aagrah restaurants.

In the seminar, Jag will offer an insight into his recipe for digital marketing success – 7 stages that he and his team have identified to achieve maximum return on marketing investment. He will talk through each stage and provide examples of how they were applied using real world scenarios where measurable results have been achieved.

You will leave the session with a clear understanding of digital marketing and a framework of the best way to go about getting a marketing return on investment for your business.




14:00 - 14:45

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec St, Leeds, LS1 2HA