World Mental Health Day: Thriving Minds conference empowers businesses to aid employee wellbeing

A specialist employment law firm which focuses on mental health in the workplace is hosting a conference for business and HR leaders on World Mental Health Day.

Taking place on Wednesday 10 October at The Mansion in Roundhay, Leeds-based Thrive Law has organised the Thriving Minds Conference to raise awareness of the work that Leeds Mind and Mindful Employer do to support employers and employees with mental health in the worekplace.

It marks a year since the CEO of Mind Paul Farmer and Steve Dennison produced the ‘Thriving at work report’ which uncovered some surprising statistics around the cost of mental health to the UK economy.

Link to report: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/658145/thriving-at-work-stevenson-farmer-review.pdf

Annually mental ill health costs UK employers between £33 billion and £42 billion each year through sick absence and staff turnover. It also impacts on the government with between £24 billion and £278 billion in lost tax revenue, benefits and NHS costs.

Even more shocking is the statistic that 300,000 employees with long term mental health problems lose their job each year. It is this human impact that both Thrive Law and Leeds Mind are working so passionately to prevent. [Statistics Deloitte Research Oct 2017]

Founded in 2018 by Managing Director Jodie Hill, Thrive Law works to enable both employers and employees across Yorkshire to thrive in the workplace.

Speaking about the event, Jodie Hill commented:

“The ‘Thriving Minds’ conference was created to raise awareness of the importance of enabling both employers and employees to thrive in workplace. The ‘Thriving at work’ report needs support to gain traction within businesses across the UK and therefore the objective of the day is to empower business owners with the skills and tools that they need to create a good working culture that is focused on wellbeing and positive mental health. The statistics that we have seen from the report can’t continue we need to fundamentally change the way we support our workforce and start to implement the recommended core standards which will enable both our team and business to Thrive. This is why we have worked with Research Retold to create bespoke workbooks which are focussed around d the recommended core standards and will assist our delegate to identify the gaps in their business and take immediate action”

“Mental can have a huge impact on people’s lives if the correct help isn’t provided, in addition to the conference we are also campaigning for there to be a nominated mental health first aider in every business, so that they respond to mental ill health with the same seriousness as physical health issues.”

In line with the Thrive Law’s focus on empowering individuals to thrive, Jodie has always been a keen ambassador for raising awareness of mental health issues and has recently set up a political campaign, to push towards mental-health first aiders being compulsory in the workplace. The campaign is gaining national traction, with high-profile individuals such as Alastair Campbell endorsing it on social media.

With talks from key influencers and mental health experts, as well as workshops and resources, the Thriving Minds conference will provide attendees with an array of perspectives, including insight from mindful employers and individuals sharing their lived experience of mental health issues.

The event, which will run from 9-5.30pm, is part of The Yorkshire Mafia’s ‘Leeds Business Week and is sponsored by Leeds-based creative start-up Research Retold, which helps academic researchers to present their key findings in creative and engaging graphics.

Speakers at the conference include The Yorkshire Post deputy business editor, Greg Wright, event sponsor and founder of Research Retold, Mihaela Gruia, Fiona Devenney, manager at Leeds Mind and ex- England Sevens rugby captain and wellbeing advocate, Rob Vickerman.

Commenting on the Thriving Minds conference, Rob Vickerman said:

“Mental health is quite rightly taking its place at the forefront of wellbeing, and it is a pleasure to be part of the Thriving Minds conference on World Mental Health Day.

“Wellbeing is far more than a perception of ‘being well’ and by opening up conversations, showing support and guidance to those who may need it and by days such as this we will achieve more together.”

Alongside the talks and subject specific workshops, the conference will include lunch and refreshments, as well as networking opportunities with likeminded businesspeople and influencers from across the region. The event will also be raising money for Leeds Mind.

For more information and to sign up to the Thriving Minds conference, please visit https://www.tickettailor.com/events/thrivelaw/193342/r/sb_twitter.

About Thrive Law

Founded by young entrepreneur Jodie Hill in 2018, Thrive Law was created from passion to support both business owners and employees to ‘thrive’ in the workplace. The thrive name is the ethos of the business and Jodie and her team use their experience in HR and employment law, mental health and well-being to support businesses.

From an early stage in her career, Jodie specialised in HR, employment law and mental health and cross qualified from barrister to solicitor. With almost a decade of experience, Jodie is a Law Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University as well as a London Expert Law Tutor and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.

Thrive is proud to provide transparency, from costs through to a jargon free approach. With a strong understanding of employment legislation and dealing with mental health issues in the workplace Jodie and her team’s depth of experience helps support and guide business owners and HR directors through the whole process.

Based at Queen Square in Leeds city centre, Thrive is already working with 50 clients, from small start-ups to large corporates.

Jodie has been nationally recognised for her campaign to make mental health training compulsory in businesses, as well as being nominated for an Inspiring Women Changemakers award, and shortlisted in the prestigious Law Society Excellence awards 2018.

View more at http://www.thrivelaw.co.uk/.

To sign the petition, please visit: https://www.change.org/p/steven-brine-mp-having-a-mental-health-first-aider-in-the-workplace-should-be-mandatory