With Autumn expected to be nothing short of a wash-out, we’re trying our best not to let the weather dampen our spirits, and you shouldn’t either. Despite the downpours we’ve got a treat or two instore when Leeds Business Week (LBW) returns to the city from 9th – 13th October.


One of the things we’ve learned from collaborating with such a wide array of businesses on a daily basis is that – much to our delight – they all function very differently.  Whilst some conduct meetings from a bean bag and partake in a lunchtime of mindfulness with sweet treats on their laps, others belong to an altogether more conventional office culture where even the schedule is scheduled.


We find all types of business intriguing and that is why Leeds Business Week (LBW) is here to celebrate that diversity by combining the traditional with the not so traditional. We will be looking once again to push boundaries in the hope that you might do the same.


With fresh approaches, seminars and sessions available, we hope to keep even the quirkiest of businesses thoroughly enthralled during this year’s week-long celebration, which is not to be missed.


Doing it for the girls…

For Huddersfield-based KC Communications, the all-female marketing, PR and social media agency, a passion for the local business economy, along with the reputation that LBW enjoys amongst the regional and national professional community, were just two of the reasons that the agency chose to get involved with this year’s event.


Beyond that and most importantly, the catalyst that encouraged KC Communications to become sponsors, was the launch of the women’s only networking afternoon.


Managing Director of KC Communications, Katrina Cliffe, comments:

“The launch of the women’s event really stood out to us and encouraged us to come onboard. The region has some outstanding female business women and we feel that it is important to support and nurture that talent. It is also a great opportunity to champion women in business more generally.”


As well as sponsoring Monday’s Women’s Networking Afternoon, the agency will call upon its expertise during the Social Media on Toast event where MD, Katrina, will share her knowledge of the importance of building both a personal and professional brand, along with tips on developing a social media strategy for your business.


Katrina comments:

“Despite there being a lot of uncertainty at present, especially as the UK goes through Brexit negotiations, I am confident that those who invest in their business now, whether that be in marketing, training or business equipment and processes, will reap the rewards and continue to thrive.”


With exciting developments underway for the business, namely the upcoming launch of its marketing training academy, the ladies at KC Communications hope to use their presence at the event to explain the services that they offer, while expanding their business connections to generate new leads that will support their ambitious growth strategy.


Step outside your comfort zone

As promised, we have an impressive array of events planned for the week – traditional, quirky and everything in between. All of the sessions are designed to encourage delegates to meet, share and learn.


So, if you’re looking to inject a little fun into your networking, or even up-the-ante with a little healthy competition, here at LBW we have it covered.


All that’s left to decide now is whether becoming a ping pong pro’s your thing or whether you prefer a side of Latin dancing with your networking. Whichever way you sway, make sure to take advantage of the great programme that LBW has to offer.  For further details and to register for your place at the LBW events, visit the website.


If you’d like further details from KC Communications and the services that they provide, visit the website here.