Increasing staff productivity through appropriate sickness management

Learn to handle sickness


When I first meet a lot of the Companies I work with they say that sickness isn’t a problem for them.  Often though, when I dig a bit deeper they don’t actually know what the impact of sickness is because they don’t monitor it – it’s just a gut feeling they have.  When we start to look in more detail at presenteeism as a whole, it doesn’t always paint a rosy picture.   

Without having processes in place you can’t identify if you have an absenteeism problem, let alone tackle it if you do. 

This workshop gives you practical tips on monitoring, identifying if you have a problem and how to tackle it if you do.   Don’t let sickness give you a headache – book on now!




09:00 - 09:45


2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP