Navigating your way through the R&D funding landscape


With the predicted introduction of Innovation loans adding to the already broad range of government-backed R&D and innovation support mechanisms, including Innovation grants; R&D Tax Credits; R&D Capital Allowances and the Patent Box, The R&D funding landscape is becoming even more complex for a company to navigate its way through.

This seminar, run by MSC R&D – a leading Yorkshire based provider of R&D funding and business growth services – will look briefly at each of these mechanisms and the circumstances where they apply, and discuss how best to integrate them in order to get the maximum benefit.

This seminar is a must for any company undertaking or planning to undertake R&D – it will help to ensure they are in a better position to plan their R&D funding strategy and take full advantage where possible of government support.




11:00 - 11:45


2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP