How to increase sales and improve productivity with visual marketing

Key lessons

I have seen visual marketing achieve fantastic returns from small investment.

I have also witnessed huge amounts of time and money wasted; even to the detriment of the brand or promotion.

Based on lessons learnt from thousands of campaigns, this seminar will show you how visual should improve your,

  1. lead generation,
  2. sales conversion,
  3. customer retention,
  4. customer profile,
  5. operational productivity,
  6. health and safety,
  7. and company culture.


This session will most benefit leaders of organisations and marketing professionals and is applicable to B2B, B2C, public and charitable organisations.

As a beneficiary of previous Leeds Business Week seminars, I’m delighted to give something back.

I look forward to seeing you.

Mark Evans, Banners and Mash Ltd, www.linkedin.com/in/mrmre




14:00 - 14:45


2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP