Closing the Productivity Gap with hard work collaboration and blue ocean strategies

Live Strategy

Economists have long argued that as a nation the UK has under invested in research and development, and that generally smaller businesses are reluctant to make the capital and training investments that drive enhanced business performance and productivity.  Why is it that UK Plc has been unable to capitalise on technological innovation or create a stronger culture of entrepreneurialism to be the source rather than the recipient of best practice modern business globally?

Paul Winter argues this can be achieved because Yorkshire SMEs, with their inherently entrepreneurial and determined cultures, are more likely to seek out a new generation of consultancy professionals.  Management consultants need to provide a new type of advisory services that instantly help their businesses continue to learn as they grow and become 20% more productive. In his seminar Paul, board member of the Management Consultancies Association and CEO of Live Strategy, will offer practical insights into how to source affordable, trusted, implementable strategies and advice to help business make the changes to take them from survive to thrive .




10:00 - 10:45


2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP