How to Build Customer Engagement Through Personalisation and Marketing Automation

In today’s fast-paced, technology driven, world companies are playing catch-up and struggling to absorb new trends and changes. The speed with which people expect companies to respond to their needs and requirements, combined with how fast they can switch providers, is driving businesses to invest in personalised and automated solutions with the aim of producing better customer engagement.


Now more than ever, it is key for companies of all sizes and sectors to understand their customer journey and customise automated communications. The challenge most businesses face is to match their capability with the current level of personalisation and automation expected by customers in their specific sector.


Recent data says that 90% of companies do, or want to do, personalisation yet less than 20% are actually doing it. They risk turning people off and losing reputation over data handling and being seeing as intrusive but personalisation and automation can produce the right effect if done correctly.


In this workshop we will introduce you to some good practices and case studies to set you off on your own customer engagement journey and enabling you to build that into your marketing strategy.


Presenter: Andy Lima, Lecturer – Leeds Business School





14:30 - 15:30

Cloth Hall Court

Quebec Street, LS1 2HA