7 Steps to 7 Figures – Add A Zero

The Add A Zero Business Challenge

I don’t know of a business owner that doesn’t want to grow their business. Yet so few ever really scale. In fact research shows that in every sector and every industry only 1% ever SMASH targets and x2, x3 even x4 their business year on year.

The fact is, whilst some many business WANT to grow their business, the reason so few ever make it, is COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE. A lack of knowledge of WHAT to do, and a FEAR of doing things wrong!
“FEAR is simply Failure Expected And Realised” Jay exclaims in this highly informative, educational and thought challenging keynote. “The lack of competence and confidence in killing creativity, and creating little more than mediocrity, settling for the same as everybody else” Jay pulls no punches, but why should he; as an Ex-British Rapid Deployment Soldier, he has stared down the barrel of fear on too many occasions to become worried about putting an X in the wrong box in business!

I’ve worked for nearly 3 years on researching and testing this material. Both in my own businesses, and that of a dozen coaching clients (both product and service based) The results we have all seen are testimony to this, with 7 clients making it to the National Finals of the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, all of whom HIT and SMASHED the 7Figure milestone by applying our proven 3-step approach to scaling ANY business.
After seeing the popularity of both the ICE Bucket challenge (2015) and the 22Days 22 Push-up Challenge (2016) I founded the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge in a bid to educate more business owners on the 8 essentials you need to sustainably scale.

• Learn the 8 essential segments required in any business to SCALE
• Get a FREE report on how your business currently measures against the Essential 8 segments
• Have the confidence and competence to ‘try something different’ to #ADDAZERO
Audience members will leave, inspired, motivated with a clear understanding and action plan to implement which can ultimately lead to significant and sustainable growth.





10:00 - 11:00


2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP