Are you worried about the expected surge in tribunal claims ?

Be up to scratch with HR processes

In July the supreme court ruled that employment tribunal fees are unlawful, meaning that business owners more than ever need to be up to scratch with the below :

• Contracts of employment
• Manage changes in employment law due in 2017
• Prevent employees from taking long term sickness
• Implement effective key performance indicators
[KPI’s] that will guarantee improved productivity
• Auto-enrolment
• Living wage to replace minimum wage
• Early conciliation (Changes to tribunal proceedings)
• Absence management
• Maternity and paternity
• Age/sex/race/disability discrimination
• Health & Safety responsibilities (Fee for intervention)
• Review your fire safety awareness, procedures and

The Supreme Court has ruled that Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful. The 70% decrease in Employment Tribunals since 2013 will most definitely be reversed and employers need to make sure that they are ready to avoid a tribunal.

Benefits you and your company will gain from attending a Peninsula Seminar

Peninsula holds over 300 training Seminar per quarter by attending one of our seminars you will gain invaluable training on the below

  • How to ensure all your staff are happy and working to their full potential
  • How to manage any staff absences efficiently and quickly
  • To make sure your company is compliant with all Health & Safety legislation
  • You will receive face to face expert advice from our highly experience HR and HS speaker
  • Peninsula seminars are CPD certified You will receive a CPD attendance certificate on request
  • Have the opportunity to book a free consultation with our HR expert




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